Gwendolyn Magee


Portfolio: Narrative

Lift Every Voice and Sing

Full of the Faith

Full of the Hope

Our New Day Begun

Stony the Road We Trod

Bitter the Chastening Rod

When Hope Unborn
Had Died

Over a Way That with Tears Has Been Watered

Blood of the
Slaughtered I

Blood of the
Slaughtered II

God of Our
Weary Years

God of Our Silent Tears I

God of Our Silent Tears II

Southern Heritage/
Southern Shame

Five Years Hard Labor


Not Tonight!

86 Lashes to Go

Expendable Cargo

Spill it Gal and
You'll Lick it Up



Profane Rapture

You Ain't Go
Run No More Boy!

Mardi Gras

What the ...

You Ain't Go
Be No Slave

You Can't Run
Now Wench

Free at Last


Yassa Massa

The Name Doesn't Matter
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