Gwendolyn Magee



Journey of the Spirit:
The Art of Gwendolyn Magee

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"As I review Gwen's work to date and have come to understand her artistic approach, I am struck by the strength with which she captures and communicates her feelings in her representational and abstract work. Her abstract and literal interpretations, wonderful sense of color, and choice of materials are combined powerfully and presented in works of meticulous craftsmanship. Often, particularly in thinking about the Lift Every Voice and Sing series, I'm reminded of the work of Jacob Lawrence, and I believe that someday Gwen's work may be considered equally with Lawrence's Migration series."
Roland L. Freeman
photodocumentarian, author and founder
The Group for Cultural Documentation

"Tough, provocative, honest - these words best describe Gwen Magee's approach to her work and the content of much of her art".
René Paul Barilleaux
Curator of Contemporary Art
McNay Museum of Art

"In Journey of the Spirit: The Art of Gwendolyn A. Magee, the Mississippi Museum of Art has provided the American art community with one of its most defining moments. Not only does the Museum showcase the remarkable art of Gwendolyn Magee, but this endeavor is a definitive response to a popular yet challenging assumption about African American quilts."
Cuesta Benberry
quilt historian and author

"The flawlessly executed quilts of Gwen Magee are visual dramas held up to the face of America that should be required viewing for any human being who wished to inflict a positive change in race relations…Magee's quilts detail the unspeakable suffering, humiliation, and indignity endured by African Americans…and their capacity to rise above their difficult circumstances to become even greater in spirit."
Carolyn Mazloomi
artist, author and teacher

"Gwendolyn A. Magee creates compelling and expressive quilts that explore her cultural heritage as an African American…The vibrancy, richness, and sometimes strong graphic imagery transcend decorative notions of traditional quilting and engage the view on a political and spiritual level."
Carmon Colangelo
artist and Dean
Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts
Washington University

"Gwendolyn Magee's dynamic personality and insightful creative visions bring to us quilts filled with energy, strong lines, and amazing colors. Her quilts are emotive and inspirational…and definitely a visual feast for your eyes and soul."
Joen Wolfrom
artist, author, and lecturer

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